Baha'i Local Spiritual Assembly of the Makah Reservation
P.O. Box 306
Neah Bay, Washington 98357
The Council Fire Committee, on behalf of the Bahá'is of the Makah Nation, would like to warmly invite all to a very special weekend Junior Youth Gathering at scenic Hobuck Beach Resort in Neah Bay, Washington. We'd especially like to welcome animators and their Junior Youth Groups. Out of concern for the Junior Youth of Neah Bay, and to more closely fulfill the guidance of the Five Year Plan, the Council Fire Committee has decided to evolve our traditional "United Spiritual Gathering Council Fire" into this event. Here are the details:
United Spiritual Youth Gathering
Junior Youth and Youth Empowerment Retreat
Fri. Aug. 19 - Sun. Aug. 21, 2011
Planned Events
o Friday night: potluck dinner
o Saturday night: potluck unity feast
o Sunday afternoon: hit the trail home till next year
o Saturday and Sunday: Junior Youth activities
o No programs provided for adults, children and youth (think family
camping outing with Junior Youth activities on the side)
o This is simply an informal venue for Junior Youth to gather
o Animators and their Junior Youth - consider this a "camping road
together and have fun in the spirit of service, excellence and spiritual empowerment.
trip" centered around a Junior Youth "Gathering".
Fees & Costs
o No registration or activity fees (registration upon arrival)
o Contact Hobuck Beach Resort for camping and other fees that
may apply (make sure to ask about any recreational fee)
o Tent & RV camping only
What to bring
o All food (none provided: sorry, no traditional "salmon bake" is
o All bedding, toiletries, shelter, etc. (you're on your own :) )
o Public showers and toilets on site
o Recreational gear (we'd appreciate it if Junior Youth can bring
Frisbees, kick balls, bats, gloves & base/soft balls, etc.)
o Volunteers are welcome
o Children, Junior Youth (except during planned activities) & Youth
must be adult supervised at all times (no "drop-offs" and no leaving the site during the Junior Youth Activities)
- think informal campground type activity: if your Junior Youth
decides not to participate, or is excluded by the animators from participating, they're on their own without any notification to the supervising adult(s); (animators are required to be involved with their Junior Youth Group in the activities, so they would already be "on hand")
Other important notes
o Only Verizon (and some of its sister providers) offer cell
phone/internet service in Neah Bay - so check with your provider ahead of time
o Gas is available in Neah Bay after hours by credit/debit card
only; No gas or limited gas available between Port Angeles and Neah Bay after 6pm - so fill up in Port Angeles or rely completely on your judgment and the mercy of Bahá'u'llah. . .
Photo of council fire committee
We are just finishing our training as animators, and look forward to welcoming all who come, and to serving the Junior Youth who will be gathering here at the Hobuck Beach Resort on the Makah Reservation. Please help us spread the word virally to all of your friends through email, phone calls and Facebook, etc.,

With the very warmest of greetings,
The Council Fire Committee

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